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3 Voicemail Techniques to Get Insurance Prospects to Call

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read

Calling people and leaving voicemail messages can be a very time-consuming process when you are trying to generate insurance leads. You may spend all day on the phone and then only talk to one person as a result. You may talk to no one at all.┬áThe problem is not that you are selling a bad product — everyone needs insurance for one purpose or another. The problem could instead be with the way that you are leaving the voicemail messages.

You will want to consider the following insurance sales tips to get people to call you back more often. With a little tweaking of your technique, you can have a lot of success.

1. Do Not Exceed Forty Seconds
When you leave the message, try to keep it around half a minute long. Most people will not want to listen for much longer than this. Do not forget that people are very busy. They may want to be done checking the messages as soon as possible so that they can get on with their life. They may have other messages that they want to get to. Whatever the case, they will not want to listen to you for more than forty seconds. If you keep the message short, they will be more likely to listen to the whole thing, and therefore more likely to call you back.

2. Provide Incentive For A Return Call
Most people see no reason why they should call back, even if they are interested in what you are selling. They may think that buying insurance is a great idea, but they will want to do it on their own time. Give them a reason to do it on your time. Tell them that you can get them a deal if they call back in the next twenty-four hours. Tell them about a sale that is going to expire soon. Give them some information that will make them want to get in touch with you sooner rather than later. Generally, telling them they will save money is a good way to do this.

3. Say Things That Relate To Their Specific Situation
If you are calling someone whom you already have a bit of information on, use that information in the message. This can start with using their name, but should not end there. For example, maybe you know that they want to have a health insurance policy because they are about to have a child. Mention this child; ask how the pregnancy is going. Ask if they are ready to get a policy to keep this new life safe. These sorts of triggers are things that people care about — this will also make them see that you care about them and remember them, which will make them more prone to do business with you.


If you try out some of these ideas, or mix your favorite ones together, you will be sure to see a better response time after you leave a voicemail message.

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About Troy Wilson

Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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