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3 Secrets to Turning Callers into Clients

By Troy Wilson
3 Secrets to Turning Callers into Clients Feature Image
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clientsEvery week, folks ask me how to generate leads without cold calling — and I get it. Many moons ago, I used to wonder how to get free leads for my business without cold calling, too. But the thing that amazes me is how many folks miss one such opportunity staring them in the face.

The average sales team blows a lot of calls, and most of this loss is due to a simple lack of preparation or follow-through for that prospect inquiry. But here’s the secret — it’s totally possible to turn these callers into clients by following only three simple rules. So if you’re wondering how to sell insurance policies to your customers, read on.

1. Answer the Phone

In today’s tech- and automation-obsessed world, getting a live person on the phone is near impossible. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love and recommend good automation tools. But picking up the phone when you have a call is probably the biggest single thing you can do to lift your sales numbers.

Customers are so conditioned to getting a voicemail or an automated phone tree that you will “wow” them just by picking up and greeting them live. Remember that so much of selling insurance is about building a relationship with prospects. A live voice on the other end of the line builds that connection. And if you miss a call? Give them an immediate callback — delay no more than 5 minutes tops. This kind of response time will floor them almost just as much.

2. Prepare a Brief Introduction

Not all your inbound callers will know exactly who they’re calling or what you can do for them. So you have to tell them. This is the “be prepared” part of the equation. Have a quick and lively way to introduce them to your company.

This part of your call procedure should be scripted. Make it consistent and informative, but very short. This is actually more difficult than it first appears. It turns out most people can ramble for 30 seconds and get the basic points across. But can you tell a lead who you are and what your insurance products and services can do for them in 15 seconds?

Your introduction should ideally have four parts:

Greeting: “Hello” or “hi” will do. So will “good morning/evening.”

Introduction: Very short. “This is Troy” or “I’m Troy” are friendly and familiar options.

Company: Include your firm’s name, but where you drop it in your intro is up to you.

Hook: Some “in” statement, perhaps about how you specialize in clients “just like them” that convinces the caller to talk to you.

And that’s it, your whole introduction. Now, you can always go into more detail later, but not at the start of a call. No one wants to talk to a person that can’t even articulate what their company can do for them.

3. Follow Up!

Now I know I preach this constantly, but you have to follow up! It is the keys to the kingdom. Remember, you’re not “pushy” or “annoying” — they requested info to buy insurance. Your follow-up makes the prospect feel important. And your call will continue to build your client relationship and help set you apart in the mind of your prospect.

And speaking of setting yourself apart, remember that only 5% of agents call a lead more than four times. And you could see a 70% increase in contact rates by just making a few more calls. So never be afraid of a call-back. If you urgently follow up and follow through on every call — and every promise — you will close a ton of deals.

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About Troy Wilson

Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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