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2 Tips to Earn Your Prospects Trust When Selling Aged Life Leads

By Jeff R
4 minute read

TRUST Insurance AgentsWith aged life insurance leads, the most successful agents make a connection with their prospect and set themselves apart from the other agents

If a prospect lets you qualify and quote their life insurance, it means they’ve been in the market for life insurance for at least a few weeks (sometimes a few months) and haven’t found someone they trust to purchase from.

Here are 2 tips to set yourself apart and at the same time earn your prospects trust.

Tip #1: Find the “Why”

Many prospects will let you quote them and have no intention from buying from you.  The key is to find the reason WHY they requested life insurance in the first place.  On every phone call, I’ll ask a question like:

“What’s come up that’s prompted you to want to buy life insurance?”
“Help me understand why you need this life insurance?”

These are open ended questions that will lead to the reason WHY they need the life insurance.  Once your prospect discloses the reason, you established a small connection and you can build on it from there.  Just subtlety bring it up again in conversation to remind them that you’re listening to them and that this conversation is about protecting their family.

If your prospect doesn’t want to answer the question, then don’t give them the rates.  Move On.  You’ll save yourself the time following up with someone who will never buy from you.

And why would they buy from you?  What makes you different than the last agent who quoted him/her in the same premium ballpark?  We all quote within the same range of rates because we all use the same published rates.

Prospects are looking for the best rate, but they’re also looking for someone to do business with.  Be that person.  Establish the connection by listening to their “WHY” and working that into each conversation.  You’ll earn your prospects trust if they feel you understand them.


Tip #2:  Use a screen share program.

Your prospects have received several phone calls and emails and most of the time they haven’t purchased.  You want to set yourself apart?  Then make them remember you.

If they’re in front of a computer (usually they’re not), then have them follow a link to a screen share program where they can see everything on your screen, including your quote engine.  Having a prospect interactively look at the rates with you increases trust and ultimately increases conversions.

To build even more trust, I put my photo, company logos and my contact information on the screen when they initially log in.  Many prospects need that personal touch.  Most of all, you’re setting yourself apart from your competition.

I use Adobe Connect Now for my screen shares.  It’s free and your prospect doesn’t need to download anything.

However, if you can’t get them on their computer for a screen share (which is the norm), I use a screen recording tool called Camtasia, which records your screen and your voice showing them the rates and explaining why you’re recommending the company you are.  This has been huge for my conversions.

After quoting or qualifying a prospect who needs to think about it, I don’t send an email with quotes listed anymore – I send them an email with the quotes RECORDED.  I record quick 2 minute videos addressing them by their name and showing myself going through the rates and explaining why I’m recommending what I am.   They can see all the company’s rates and know that I’m recommending the lowest priced policy for them.   I have that same backround image with my photo, company logos and contact information.  This doesn’t take much time and will absolutely set you apart if they watch it.  My prospects eat this up.

Once you record the screencast you can upload to or through Camtasia.  It’s very easy and is just a few clicks.  Both are free, but I use’s paid version because I can customize it with my logo and set them as private links.

You can try Camtasia free for 30 days to see if you like it.  After that it’s a one time payment of $299.  This would be a great investment in your business.

These 2 tips will set yourself apart from other agents and build a better rapport with your prospects.  They’ve worked for myself and our agents and I’m sure they’ll work for you.

If you have any questions, I’m with Root Financial and just started a sales blog over at Sell Term Life to help life insurance agents sell more life insurance over the phone.

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