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2 Min Drill – Quickly Disqualify Your Sales Prospects

By Troy Wilson
2 Min Drill – Quickly Disqualify Your Sales Prospects Feature Image
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Disqualify Your Sales ProspectsThe more time you spend getting your sales prospects to say “no,” the fewer opportunities you have for those hot aged leads to say “yes.” Getting to that “no” quickly wastes less time and gets you more sales.

Here’s my favorite 2-minute drill to quickly disqualify those sales prospects. It’s based on bestselling author Perry Marshall and sales guru John Paul Mendocha’s applications of the 80/20 principle.

All you need to do is answer these five basic questions in the first 2 minutes:

1. Do They Have the Money?

Does your lead have the ability to buy? It doesn’t matter what you’re selling; your prospect has to have the cash (or credit) to buy or you won’t close the sale.

If you don’t discuss budget early, you’re setting yourself up for heartache later. Yes, it’s true that some markets are more flush with cash than others (think selling BMWs versus selling used clunkers). But in every market, the buyers are the ones who have the funds available.

2. Do They Have a “Bleeding Neck”?

How urgent is your sales prospect’s problem? The bleeding neck customer feels their pain points sharply. Sometimes they have a craving for a solution and can’t stop thinking about it. Either way, this prospect will be more than willing to accept your solution if it fixes the problem — now.

Not quite sure your prospect is there yet? Consider amplifying those pain points before offering the solution. Sometimes all it takes is a simple prepared example you’ll have at the ready.

3. Do They Buy Into Your Unique Selling Position?

For every product and every service, there’s competition. What USP sets you apart? Whether it’s your attentiveness, your length of time in business, your can-do attitude, your strong relationships?

Whatever it is, your prospect has to sellable on that feature. If they can’t be convinced that attentiveness has value, that’s not the prospect for an attentive salesperson.

4. Do They Have the Ability to Say “Yes”?

Find out quickly who the stakeholders are in a buying decision and whether you’re talking to one of them. You’ll encounter many people — secretaries, personal assistants, wives, husbands, etc. — that can say “no” to your proposal, but it’s often harder to get through to the person or persons who hold the checkbook and can sign on the dotted line.

Don’t waste time barking up the wrong tree. Make sure your proposal finds the right set of ears.

5. Do Your Products and Services Fit Their Plans?

Your solution at its heart needs to be simple. It needs to fit into the customer’s world easily, without a lot of upheavals. The more out in left field your solution is, the more complex it is, the easier it is for leads to say “no.”

Verify early on that your customer wants a solution that looks like what you have to offer. Give them a reason to say yes to your solution because it’s easier than the alternatives.

Put Your Drill Into Practice

Use all your existing sales techniques when you put this plan into action. You still need to listen. Often your prospect will answer several of these disqualifying questions right off the bat! For the rest, ask specific, pointed questions to disqualify the leads that can’t or won’t buy.

Push yourself to do this drill quickly, ideally in around 2 minutes. You do not want to get into a long call with a disinterested prospect if you can avoid it. Remember you’re not trying to convince people they want to buy something they don’t want or aren’t ready to consider. You want to connect with hot leads that are ready to go.

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Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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