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10 Tricks for Getting New Insurance Lead Contact Info

By Troy Wilson
10 Tricks for Getting New Insurance Lead Contact Info Feature Image
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Getting New Insurance Lead ContactsHow do you get contact info from new insurance leads? There’s no shortage of tricks out there, but these are ten favorites that should help you get new prospects into your pipeline. Whether you prefer collecting business cards or digging into online advertising, there’s something for everyone.

1. Fishbowls

Admittedly, the fishbowl trick has seen better days, but with the right placement and incentives, a fishbowl full of insurance leads still offers a cheap way to gather fresh local leads. Fishbowls work well at those smaller independent businesses around the corner from your agency — professional offices, boutiques, mom-and-pop stores, and so on. To make this lead gen technique more appealing for a local business, offer to foot the cost of a monthly gift certificate for the store or share a spreadsheet of the lead information you gather.

2. Blank Cards

Fishbowls can work great for adding to your business card collection, but a stack of blank cards lets those fresh out of cards still enter your monthly gift certificate drawings. Consider taking that same convenience of blank cards on the go. Keep a supply of a few blank business cards and a pen on hand so you collect info from people you meet when you’re out of the office. Sure, you could ask for info and put it in your phone — where it would likely be forgotten. A hard copy leaves a more lasting impression.

3. Emergency Contacts

Lots of businesses collect emergency contact info. Your agency could do the same for your homeowner insurance clients. Ask for the info of a neighbor. Call to confirm the info and tell them you’ll be sending a fridge magnet with your agency number. Let them know they can call you if there’s a problem with the property and the neighbor can’t reach the homeowner. Put these folks on a slow, relaxed lead nurturing plan. You don’t want to betray your client’s trust by asking for a sale right away.

4. Giveaways

If you’re involved in activities for your local community — and you should definitely consider it for the benefit of your business — consider raffling off a popular tech product at one of these events. Offering the latest tablet, ereader, or must-have gadget can help boost the response. Collect prospect information on raffle entry slips, hold a drawing, then follow up with the rest of your list after the event.

5. New Homeowners Lists

Homeowners aren’t just a great target for a homeowner’s policy. Buying a new home often comes with other life changes, making conversations about life insurance and financial planning relevant. Public lists are available in some areas via government records websites and there are also a number of data firms that specialize in selling these types of lists.

6. Buy Lists

Speaking of list buying services, in the days of big data, you can buy a list of just about anything. Want to target dentists for life insurance coverage in your metro? Families of four in a specific income bracket? There’s a big data company that has a list they’re ready to sell you. It could be particularly valuable if you have success with a particular customer profile.

7. Chamber of Commerce Directories

If you’re not already friendly with your local Chamber of Commerce, consider getting acquainted. Chamber membership events can be a great way to network, but if you’re looking specifically to add to your list, check out the group’s website. Chamber of Commerce sites vary, but some even list a public membership directory. To view other membership rosters, you may need to officially join.

8. Alumni Databases

You made it through high school and probably also attended college. Even years later, you can often look up old classmates with alumni databases. Besides reconnecting with old friends, some setups have search filters that let you narrow down a search by industry, job title, or location. For some agents, it could be a great way to target a specific clientele.

9. Squeeze Page and Web Ads

If you’re a tech savvy agent with a bigger budget, a paid online ad campaign can help drive new insurance leads into your pipeline. First, set up a squeeze page on your agency website — if you’re not familiar, that’s a specific type of landing page for collecting a prospect’s personal info. No links to your regular homepage or other external pages are necessary — a squeeze page has the sole purpose of collecting lead info. To get prospects there, use pay-per-click (PPC) ads targeted to your chosen demographic. Sponsored search results (appearing on Google and Bing) or Google Adwords appearing on targeted sites are the best ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page.

10. Facebook Tabs and Ads

Another winning strategy for the tech-minded agent — Facebook. Here, I’m not just talking about regular social media marketing. You can add a special lead-gathering Facebook Tab on your business profile page. It’s possible to create a custom one from scratch, of course, or you could use an existing app like this one to build a basic quote form. Elsewhere on Facebook, you  can generate more new leads with paid Facebook Ads. These can be highly targeted thanks to Facebook’s data collection on its users. You could send ad-click users to your squeeze page for a quote, or offer a targeted promotion.

No Trick: Aged Leads

If Facebook ads, fishbowls, and raffles aren’t your style, fear not. Purchasing a healthy supply of high-quality aged leads from the Aged Lead Store is a solid way to fill your insurance lead generation pipeline, no tricks necessary. Head over to to learn more.

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How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
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